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We believe the client comes first! 

  • You need practical, direct and effective advice on your business. 
  • You have some choices and need an experienced business counselor. 
  • You have a "handshake deal" you need to make binding; but don't need a 20 page agreement. 
  • You wonder where the legal limits are, and what it will cost you to find out.

Raih Law serves the needs of businesses and individuals who need advice right now from someone who will solve their problem in a positive and cost-effective way.  The CEO of Coca-Cola once said "I don't need attorneys to tell me what I can't do - I need them to tell me what I CAN do."  

At Raih Law we promise to tell you what you CAN do.  We promise to give you options drawn from over 30 years of business experience, help you weigh the risks, and implement a solution in the most cost- effective way.  We give you direct, immediate and practical advice, at a reasonable price.

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