About Us

The Raih Law Firm brings over 30 years of experience in practicing law in Tennessee and other states. Our practice focuses on general corporate law, commercial business transactions, healthcare operations, human resources or employment law, and nonprofit law. Our typical client is a small business or nonprofit which needs an "On-Call In House Counsel" for the variety of legal problems which arise during the year.

  • The entrepreneur with a small budget who needs formation advice.
  • The Medical Doctor who finds herself with six employees and no procedures.
  • The two small businesses who want to merge and need a new LLC, new rules, and new space.
  • Negotiating severance agreements which are fair, protect the parties, and help everyone move on.
  • The nonprofit which needs to get acquired by a larger entity immediately  in order to preserve assets and end debt.

Raih Law also does training for businesses and nonprofits on numerous legal topics such as:  How to Hire and Fire, and Not Get Sued; Managing Your Employees, Sex Harassment Prevention Training; The Alphabet Soup of Employment Law; Getting the Behavior you Expect from Employees - Performance Evaluations; How to Form a 501(c)(3); Your Small Business Choice of Entity  - Incorporate or LLC?; Confidentiality of Medical Records in the Drug/Alcohol Treatment Business;  and many more.

Deanna has served as Counsel and Board Member for clinics, hospitals and and healthcare operations, for mental illness and substance abuse behavioral providers, and handled every business and regulatory issue these providers face.  We also help the impaired professional get out of trouble and on the path to recovery. Whether you are an MD, DDS or JD with licensing or administrative issues relating to your practice, or have a family member who needs a conservatorship or an intervention, we can assist. Raih Law also has a vested interest in improving the quality of life within the city and state in which we work. We have served as volunteer attorneys, Counsel and board members on numerous nonprofits, state advisory boards and wellness committees.  We aspire to the highest level of service and excellence.

Deanna Raih is admitted to practice law in Tennessee and Massachusetts, and is a graduate of Cornell University and Cornell Law School. She has been Employment Counsel for Gibson Guitar, a $200 million/year revenue musical instrument manufacturing company; been General Counsel for Foundations Recovery Network, a $200 million revenue healthcare company;  and currently represents a wide range of healthcare companies for Healthcare Operations and Regulatory Compliance, Employment Law and General Business Law. Her clients include medical and veterinarian practices, clinics and hospitals, grant-supported healthcare nonprofits, providers of  alcohol/drug treatment, help for mental illness, medical technology, and physical therapy. Since 2012 she has been helping businesses understand and get ready for Healthcare Reform - the Affordable Care Act.

Our mailing address is 2988 Polo Club Road Nashville, TN 37221. Please feel free to contact deanna@raihlaw.com or (615)319-5328.

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