Your "On Call" In House Counsel

Each business faces issues of formation, financing, corporate rules, state/federal regulations, licenses, tax, real estate, contracts, management, employee issues and much more.  Big businesses have a General Counsel who fields and handles or redirects every type of problem that can arise.  I want to be the General Counsel for your small business - on call, as needed. The first ten minutes is free -

  • because I want you to call first before you take action
  • because that way I can stay on top of your current issues
  • because ten minutes frequently tells us you don't actually need me yet

Project Billing and Fees  

Raih Law wants every client to understand what work will cost at every stage.  And our goal is to be your company attorney, on call. So, we give project estimates, and have predictable and transparent fees.  We will weigh hourly rates versus flat fee or alternative rates in order to make sure the client has a choice, and makes an informed decision.  Sometimes the choice between two approaches will have cost consequences, and in this case you will always approve the extra costs in advance.  You will never get a bill from us which surprises you.​

Good Results are not always Expensive Results  

Sometimes the fact that you have an experienced attorney is the reason your adversary renegotiates, settles or concedes.  I have helped terminated employees get thousands more in severance, with one phone call or letter.  I helped a small business sinking in debt to restructure and survive with several frank phone calls to the IRS.  I helped a small business owner pull out of negative cash flow by convincing him to terminate his employee-relatives. There are many more stories like these.  I will give you the full benefit of my Experience and Common Sense, and there is no replacement for it.

Our Relationship with Clients

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